Joanna Leach
Joanna Leach (1937-2011)

Joanna Leach

Eleanor Bailie (author & pianist): “I think she was the fullest personality with the most brimmingly full life, that I and perhaps many of us, have ever known.”
(to Joanna) “I have always said that you are such a fantastic natural musician. You have this incredible instinct and natural rhythm and sense of rubato, texture, intense emotion – every single thing you have – and it seems so natural. And that is what is so marvellous. You give the impression that you are doing it because you love it. An awful lot of players don’t!”
Dr. Bob Speer (physicist): “I defy you – I defy anybody to meet a more humane and wonderful, life enhancing human being, than Joanna Leach. It’s been a privilege, Jo!”
Andreas Boyde (concert pianist): “She was a unique character, a wonderful friend, and an extraordinary musician. I think of Jo, as the most loyal friend I have ever had.”
Martino Tirimo (concert pianist): “Her exceptional musicality was clear from the first moment, but what pleased me particularly was her strong individual expression.”
Andrew Lancaster (square piano restoration): “Jo was a fascinating, mercurial and highly talented person, with such generosity of affection and love for her friends; she inspired love and friendship in so many people whose lives she touched and enriched.