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Joanna Leach

Joanna Leach

Joanna Leach was an accomplished record producer and pianist – a great enthusiast of the English Square Piano. Together with recording engineeer David Turner she formed the Athene record label  in 1991.

Following her death in 2011, The Joanna Leach Foundation was established to ensure that her legacy can continue to support and encourage music-making of the highest quality.

You will find the story of Joanna’s life as told in her own words and in the words of friends and family: A Most Remarkable Woman

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These include the Celebration memorial; Reminiscing with friends, colleagues and family; a Gallery of photos; as well as Videos and her Discography of square piano recordings.

Square Pianos

Joanna was a collector of Square Pianos and her passion was to play and keep these instruments in the repertoire.

On this site you will find pictures and descriptions. There are also excepts from recordings made on these authentic period instruments.


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You can also find articles and background information on these historic instruments

The Foundation

The Joanna Leach Foundation was established to carry on Joanna’s work in promoting and supporting music wherever and whenever she could.

The Foundation was formed in 2011 and has been proud to sponsor a range of musical events and workshops in and around East Devon.

The Foundation as a corporate entity was closed in 2020 though the ISCA annual memorial concert and website will continue to be supported.

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The ISCA Ensemble

The Joanna Leach Foundation is proud to have formed an association with The ISCA Ensemble.

The Foundation has  supported a range of musical events and has introduced new and upcoming artistes to the South West musical scene

Click to visit The ISCA Ensemble website to find out more.