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Remembering a

Most Remarkable Woman

 Martino Tirimo:

 "My first meeting with Joanna Leach was at Morley College, when she decided to join my piano class there. Her exceptional musicality was clear from the first moment, but what pleased me particularly was her strong individual expression. For example, in works like the Janacek Sonata her passionate attunement elicited an emotionally powerful interpretation that few pianists can attain. This was an expression of the highest order. Her playing also had a lyrical and poetic quality, which was most moving.

We soon became friends and when she turned her attention to producing recordings, together with her husband Dave Turner, it followed quite naturally that we would record something together before too long. After an initial 'Piano Encores' recording, the opportunity arose to work on Debussy's complete works.

This was a project which was close to my heart, but it was also close to Joanna's heart for she played quite a number of these works and thus knew them intimately. This cannot be said for too many producers! Her deep knowledge meant that we could have detailed discussions, even during the sessions, and this was most stimulating for me.

Throughout these recordings, sessions and post-production, her expertise and wonderfully positive attitude much contributed to the final result and the consequent success of this project. It was a happy collaboration that I treasure greatly.

Professional contact aside, Joanna remained a very close friend and one with whom no cross word was ever uttered for there was never any reason! Her constructive approach to life was an example to many of us and her company is sorely missed."