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Remembering a

Most Remarkable Woman

Jo we can picture you now in your most comfortable chair quietly and almost meditatively creating one of your petit point pictures, sitting by a cosy fire burning in the grate.

Jo, what a lovely and delightful friend together with your husband Mike whom we were fortunate to know when we lived as neighbours at Shute in the glorious countryside of East Devon.

Jo loved to have people around her - enjoying their company and entertaining them to dinner, spoiling them with a variety of delicacies that she prepared with love and fastidious care reflecting her high standards . . . and so it was with Jo that we had many conversations on a wide range of interests when her natural colourful character was allowed full rein with obvious emotion and sensibility, occasionally spiced with her impish sense of humour and coupled with a giggle!

We were fortunate to see Jo playing the piano - it was so special and what we heard exquisitely subtle and astonishingly thrilling, so that for me I felt possessed by the spirit of the moment which seems to endure in one's body memory. The many times that we enjoyed with Jo and Mike that rise from memory of their own volition and which will sustain us through time . . .

with love Patricia & Roland

From Roland & Patricia Whiteside

28th September 2011