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Remembering a

Most Remarkable Woman

1.    Dvorak: Piano Concerto in G

Andreas Boyde

the opening of the 2nd movement that Jo found so moving

2.    Julian Thompson - Jo's brother

3.    Susan & Jenny - Jo's daughters

4.    Janáček: 'Good Night'

From 'On an Overgrown Path'

5.    Henrietta Thompson - readings for Jenny

6.    Debussy: Clair de lune

7.    Stephen Sylvester - for Andrew Lancaster

8.    Dussek: Concertante No.1 (1st movement - repeat)

Joanna - Stodart piano

Derek Bell (late of The Chieftains) - Erard harp

9.    Eleanor Bailie

10.  Schubert: Polonaise in B flat

Duet by Joanna and Jenny Bach, 1989

11.  Conversation with Bernard D'Ascoli (i)

12.  Chopin: Nocturne in D flat

13.  Andreas Boyde


14.  John Field: Nocturne No.2 in C minor

Stodart square piano, 1823


15.  Scarlatti: Sonata No.2 in F minor

Stodart square piano, 1823


16.  Marianna - Jo's granddaughter (Australia)


17.  Janáček: 'In Tears'

from 'On an Overgrown Path'


18.  Fauré: Clair de lune

Joanna and Isobel Buchanan


19.  Conversation with Bernard D'Ascoli (ii)


20.  Schubert: Nachtstück

Joanna and Stephan Loges, baritone

recorded 5th March 2011

"Jo's opening - setting up the scene of the song - is

 unmatched." Andreas Boyde


21.  Liszt: Un Sospiro


22.  Dawn Chorus at Shute

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