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A Most Remarkable Woman


                As the story tells, Joanna Leach changed the lives of
                her close friends, while uplifting and enriching the lives
                of those who crossed her path.
                Her playing expressed her love and joy of life, and her
                passion for music. Her recordings have touched many
                people she never knew. One record reviewer was so
                enchanted as to suggest that “listening to Joanna Leach
                playing the Field Nocturnes, might change your life.”
                Jo’s 3  husband David Turner was ‘struck by lightening’
                when she cast her magical spell at a Wigmore Hall
                concert, or in the words of his friend Bob, he exper-
                ienced a “coup de foudre;” an intense, passionate,
                relationship that was destined to change and fulfil both
                their lives.
                Indeed, it was when listening to her impassioned
                performance of the Liszt Dante Sonata that I first
                recognised my deeper feelings for Jo, and a parting kiss
                transformed my life. As her business partner, lover, and
                finally 4  husband, I was privileged to have my life
                changed and to share the last sixteen years of Jo's life,
                when together we created, explored, and experienced
                so much; finally, dealing with the ongoing challenges
                presented by the terminal illness of a beloved partner.

                                                                   Mike Beville

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