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Joanna Leach

          Joanna's Musical Heritage

                                         Prior to the 1914-18 War,
                                         part of the American side of
                                         Joanna's family were living in
                                         Berlin and through her pianist
                                         grandmother, Bessie Krause
                                         and her twin sister, Belle G.
                                         Brown who had a lovely
                                         singing voice, had
                                         connections to some
              Bessie & Belle Brown, aged 14
            Oil on porcelain (1882) F.M. Reetz  illustrious musical figures
                                         such as Theodor
            Leschetizky, Edvard Grieg, Benno Moiseiwitsch and
            Mme. Désirée Artôt de Padilla.

          From  The Grieg
          Journal June 2011:

           'In Memoriam

          of Joanna Leach'

          "...One of the guests
          on that May evening
          in 1894 in Paris was
          a Bostonian             "Edvard Grieg Norwegian Composer taken by
          American. During           me (Belle G. Brown) in Paris France in
                                           Mme.Artôt's house party"
          the 1890s Belle G.        One of several photos passed to the Grieg
          Brown studied            Society from the family heirlooms left to Jo.
          singing in Europe and one of her several significant
          teachers was Désirée Artôt de Padilla... Miss Brown

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